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Breathing Techniques When You Dont Have An Inhaler

Asthma and other conditions can bring on frightening moments when it seems impossible to breathe. The chest may feel like it is being squeezed in a vice until each breath is harder than the last. While an inhaler is often prescribed to save the day, a person may not always have an inhaler on hand. There are also those independent individuals who want to take control of their condition. Either way, it is best to be prepared with alternative breathing techniques when nothing else is available. Breathing techniques can help a victim to ride out an attack or hold on until additional help is on the way. Every situation is different and results will vary according to the individual and the severity of the attack.

For people who experience difficulties breathing, it is important to recognize factors that may contribute to that difficulty. Does an increase in pollen cause problems? Is an attack more likely if it is hot and humid? Does shortness of breath come on during a stressful situation? When a person knows his or her triggers, they can be avoided or at least anticipated. Unfortunately, no matter what precautions a person may take, breathing difficulties can still happen.

An effective technique involves exhaling first, rather than gasping for air, when an attack sets in. Then it is time to inhale as slowly as possible. It’s important to avoid panic and stay calm. Learning meditation techniques from yoga could actually help a person through a breathing attack.

Another technique is currently being encouraged in pulmonary rehabilitation. It involves using the diaphragm while inhaling through nose. The breath is then exhaled through the mouth while the lips are pursed. This method will actually make the diaphragm stronger and can be practiced when there is no problem breathing. The intention is to avoid future attacks. However, it can also be implemented when breathing difficulties occur. Individuals who experience difficulty breathing can try other exercises to strengthen the diaphragm and make breathing easier. They can blow through a straw,blow up baloons, or blow bubbles, working the powerful muscle that makes breathing possible and improving lung capacity as well.

In addition to practicing breathing techniques, air purifiers from CurbSide Air can assist a person in avoiding attacks in the first place. CurbSide Air produces top of the line purifiers and other products that improve air quality in the home. Removing impurities such as contaminants, dust, and pet dander makes breathing easier.


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