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healing features of honey

Healing Features of Honey

Long before it is even published on the Internet, ancient times already knew the healing features of honey. Honey consists of powerful antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties. Even though there is still a debate on the use of honey in treating several ailments, it is recognized as one of the alternative medicine practices. Some believe that honey really cures ailments, as they also use this in hospitals.

Features of Honey

Research has found out that honey has several antibacterial properties that it can kill 60 species of bacteria and compared to antibiotics, honey is non-toxic and potent against certain types of bacteria. Honey is actually comprised of fructose and glucose along with other minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium chlorine, and phosphate. It also has certain vitamins like Vitamin C, thiamine, B6, B3, and B2. Honey has a pH level in between 3.2 and 4.5, which makes it a very effective antibacterial agent.

Honey as Cough Suppressant

In one study that involved 105 children aged two to 18 years suffering from upper respiratory tract infections in one week along with nighttime cough, the effects of buckwheat honey are remarkable in the relief of nocturnal cough and even sleeping difficulty. This is even more effective than a single dextromethorphan (antitussive) dose.

Honey Enhances Athletic Performance and Fastens Wound Healing

Significantly, honey is a great source of energy but more recent studies show that honey is a viable substance for increasing athletic performance. In one study of 39 participants (athletes), they underwent intensive weightlifting and they also consumed protein supplements combined with maltodextrin, sugar, or honey being the carbohydrate source. The results were amazing as blood sugar levels were maintained in two hours after a workout. Moreover, glycogen and muscle recuperation is more favorable among the participants who also consumed high amounts of protein. On the other hand, the wound healing properties of honey are also promising since it consists of glucose and fructose,it attracts water and dries out the wound thereby promoting the healing process. Honey also contains glucose oxidase, which is a potent antiseptic when combined with water.

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Honey for Allergies

There are also studies that found out how honey can be helpful in minimizing seasonal allergies especially when it is harvested from a local area. Pasteurized and unfiltered honey are believed to alleviate allergic symptoms. Bees that collect pollens were able to add the anti-allergenic effect of mediating the inhibition of IgEimmunoglobulin that binds to mast cells. The inhibited mast cell degranulation reduces the allergic reaction.

Other Healing Features of Honey

Apart from the benefits mentioned earlier, honey is also effective for regulating symptoms of high cholesterol and non-insulin dependent diabetes. Several studies have shown that patients with high bad cholesterol levels decreased with consumption of honey since it also increases the high density lipoproteins (HDL), which are combating the bad effects of low density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol. In type 2 diabetes, honey is beneficial in lowering blood sugar compared to sucrose or dextrose. Honey is also a healthieralternative to other sweeteners since it doesn’t pose any side effect.


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